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2-in-1 Face Cream - Forest Microbes SEES COMPANY

  • 365 kr

2-in-1: Shea Face Cream with Forest Dust

Shea butter with forest microbes works in two ways:

1. The microbial extract Reconnecting Nature ™, which is the result of research at the University of Helsinki and Tampere, has been studied to help support the body's microbiome when applied through the skin. The face cream contains a huge amount of forest microbes and the use of the product supports the strengthening of man's connection to nature.

2. Shea butter is the cure for dry skin. Nutritious shea butter is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. The vitamins E and F it contains help the skin to regenerate. It is nature's own cream, taken from the nuts of the butter tree. Shea butter helps protect the skin from exposure, cold and the dehydrating effects of the daily environment.

Contains no artificial ingredients or fragrances. Not tested on animals.

Use: Apply on face and dry skin areas daily.

Made in Finland. 60ml glass jar, in paper box.

No artificial ingredients or fragrances. The aroma of the product comes from raw honey and varies depending on the batch of honey and harvest.

SEES Company brand was born out of a desire to create an assortment of products that satisfy all the senses of everyday life. Aesthetics, the pure and organic ingredients and carefully selected fragrance combinations are the key elements in SEES Company. All SEES products are chemical free and contain no artificial ingredients. The fragrances are combinations of essential oils selected through a long and careful product development process. All scents have a particularly positive effect on our well-being - either by refreshing, strengthening or relaxing the mind.