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Bilberry Moisture Cream FLOW COSMETICS

  • 340 kr

Flow Cosmetics, founded in 2004, creates natural beauty care from the best and purest ingredients that nature has to offer. Made in small batches from the freshest ingredients available. A small family business run by mother Riitta and daughter Suvi, Flow Cosmetics has grown from homemade lavender soaps to one of the most appreciated natural cosmetics companies in Finland. Strong ethics, thorough research and a passion for sustainable production ensure the highest quality in all Flow products. A climate-neutral company. Flow is passionate about creating truly natural skin care products, putting heart and soul into creating caring facial products that are formulated with organic vegetable oils and vitamin-rich berries - the purest Scandinavian superfood - all grown in Finland during the endless summer sun.

Bilberry = Blueberry, in British English.

A light and nourishing moisturizer with Arctic Wild Bilberry Seed Oil nourishes and balances all skin types.  

Bilberry Moisture Cream is a light but rich moisturizer that is a perfect day cream and is suitable as a night cream in combination with serum, flower water or face oil (or why not with all of them together!).

Bilberry Moisture Cream is the perfect face cream for both dry and oily skin, and is suitable for both men and women.

The cream contains organic essential oils of lavender, neroli and rose geranium, which balances all skin types and soothes skin irritation. These essential oils also give the cream a soft herbal lavender scent.

This blueberry-rich moisturizer is quickly absorbed into your skin. You can use this moisturizer during makeup to give your skin extra hydration and elasticity. The make-up will be spread better on moisturized skin, so that you get a more beautiful finish. On dehydrated skin, makeup can stick uncomfortably on dry areas.

If an effective and natural face cream is still lacking when you go for products, you can stop looking - you've found it! We packed the cream in a practical pump lid bottle for easy and hygienic dosing.

How to use: Apply two to three coats of moisturizer on cleansed face once or twice a day.

Active ingredients: The cream is based on organic lavender water, rosemary water and orange blossom water, as well as high-quality organic shea butter, organic argan oil and super-moisturizing, plant-based and palm oil-free organic glycerin. The star of Bilberry Moisture Cream is a native Arctic blueberry seed oil (wild blueberry) that is rich in vitamins that nourish your skin and help rejuvenate your skin cells. The antioxidant vitamin E in the cream protects the sensitive skin of your face from the negative effects of the environment.

30ml glass bottle, in outer carton. Bottle can be recycled in glass waste, pump lid in plastic waste.