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Birch Sap Facial Mist PURE=BEAUTY

  • 239 kr

Pure = Beauty, created in Finland, believes in using ingredients that are sustainable, natural and vegan. Minimising the number of ingredients in their products, all of which are carefully selected, choosing those that have "superpowers", those that can do small miracles on your skin. All products have an abundance of pure active ingredients to truly nourish your skin.

Birch Sap Mist: This moisturizing and regenerating face mist contains organic Finnish birch sap, hyaluronic acid and chaga extract. With its powerful antioxidants and moisturizing effects, this face mist is ideal for dry and older skin.

Use: after cleansing to refresh and tone the skin, before applying serum and / face cream to lock in moisture and other botanical benefits. Also use to refresh male or dry, tired skin throughout the day. Perfect for at work or in dry, warm homes.

100ml spray glass bottle in a pretty outer carton.