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Face Wash BY MUKK

  • 300 kr

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by mukk is a sea-inspired skin care collection created with organically certified and plant-based ingredients. Our goal is effective skin care that is kind to both the body and the environment.

Independent and carefully produced in their studio in Saaremaa, Estonia. Saaremaa belongs to the worldwide UNESCO Men and Biosphere which completes unique areas around the world with distinctive traditions that have preserved their pure nature and enjoy crafts inspired by nature.

Inspired by the sea, the formulas contain various skin-building sea and algae extracts. Red algae are harvested locally from the Baltic coastline. Added probiotic technology enables production without traditional preservatives and helps maintain the product and the skin's microflora. All products are organic and vegan.

Face Wash - for normal, combination and oily skin

Preserved with probiotic technology

Gel cleanser infused with sea water and algae extract for a cleansed and moisturized skin result. Cleansing preserves the moisture and regulates the skin's metabolic system. Natural salicylic acid promotes cell renewal and antimicrobial activity, removes impurities on the surface without drying out the skin. Natural rice protein gives the product rich foam properties, without drying out the skin.

100 ml glass bottle