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Algae Pink Clay Mask THE WITCHERY CPH

  • 345 kr

The Witchery CPH - a company that is passionate about the highest quality raw materials, from sustainable sources such as small EU farms, all organic, all pressed and extracted with the best methods to ensure all the powerful essences and antioxidants from the plants are preserved.

Pink clay mask with seaweed

sustainable, pure and incredibly nice.

A blend of the most luxurious French pink clay and fucus seaweed. Fucus seaweed improves skin elasticity, colour and thickness. A gentle mask, perfect for sensitive skin.

Clay is a natural exfoliant that gently detoxifies and cleanses the skin.

Argile Rose Clay and Fucus Seaweed mix are a wonderful addition to a natural skin routine. It helps the skin to remove dead skin cells, helps to heal and refresh the skin. Fucus Seaweed has been shown to support the skin's elasticity and help the skin to stick.

How to use it: This French Argile clay is extremely fine. Mix a teaspoon of clay with a little water to make paste and leave it on the skin for up to 15 minutes. You can also use facial oil if your skin is particularly dry, or as an extra. Rinse it with warm water, pat the skin dry.

We recommend that you use a nice hydrosol and your favourite face oil for the whole experience.

Packaging: a brown glass bottle + aluminum lid * Note - the current batch is about 70g of clay per jar. The label says 100g due to printing errors.