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Rich Day Cream BY MUKK

  • 260 kr

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by mukk is a sea-inspired skin care collection created with organically certified and plant-based ingredients. Our goal is effective skin care that is kind to both the body and the environment.

Independent and carefully produced in their studio in Saaremaa, Estonia. Saaremaa belongs to the worldwide UNESCO Men and Biosphere which completes unique areas around the world with distinctive traditions that have preserved their pure nature and enjoy crafts inspired by nature.

Inspired by the sea, the formulas contain various skin-building sea and algae extracts. Red algae are harvested locally from the Baltic coastline. Added probiotic technology enables production without traditional preservatives and helps maintain the product and the skin's microflora. All products are organic and vegan.

Rich Day Cream - for dry and older skin

Nourishing and protective day cream is ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin types. Formulated with natural bioactive ingredients to provide protection against daily environmental effects such as UVB and UVA radiation, dehydration, pollution, oxidation, dryness and microbes. Results in supple, smooth and toned skin.



Natural bioactive ingredients prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles, which makes the skin look more youthful. Extracts of the microalgae Dunaliella salina and Haematococcus pluvialis strengthen the skin's own defense mechanisms and regulate various genes involved in oxidative stress, which provides protection against UVA.


The brown alga Undria pinnatifida creates a protective barrier that prevents polluting particles in the air from reaching the skin and strengthens the skin's natural antioxidant mechanism, in other words it prevents signs of aging.


A combination of natural osmotically active substances, the red microalgae Kappaphycus alvarezii, plant glycerin and seawater, retains moisture and draws water from the environment back to the skin. The protection ensures long-lasting hydration, strengthens the skin's lipid barrier and protects against dehydration.


The peptides from the fermentation cultures of probiotic bacteria - Lactobacillus and Cocos Nucifera Ferment - help maintain the balance of the skin's microbiota, promote the survival of beneficial microorganisms and provide a protective effect against harmful organisms, resulting in positive effects on skin health.

30 ml metal tube, in white outer carton