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Shaving Brush & Razor Set

  • 550 kr


Make a great gift for someone, or even yourself, with both shaving products that make a smart set for the bathroom. Save when you buy the two items together and get a free 5-pack of stainless steel safety razor blades.

Let the badgers, the boars and the earth live in peace with and bring your shaving experience to perfection with this stylish, quality shaving brush. Made with the best materials to provide the finest shaving experience and long durability. The bristles are made of nylon, the best alternative to animal hair. The synthetic fibers mimic the straight natural badger hair for a natural feel and soft touch. Unlike animal hair, it has a neutral smell/odor. The handle is made of aluminium. A 100% recyclable and impermeable material that also resists corrosion. Being a solid material makes it the perfect choice for a durable and long-lasting razor handle and has a nice, comfortable feel.

Double edge razors provide a close shave for both men and women. The double-edged blade has a long, grooved handle made of high-quality metal that provides a good grip and is ideal for shaving both the face and body. The safety razor is perfect for beginners. It is designed for ease of use and the closed comb makes it more comfortable and smooth than an open version.

It comes with its own solid metal stand, to keep it neat on the bathroom shelf or sink, allowing the water to drain and prevent scratches.

Choose from a stylish selection of rose gold, black or a more traditional silver.

Both products are delivered in an individual, recyclable cardboard box.