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Hand Cream - Fjäll SKANDINAVISK

  • 99 kr


FJÄLL [fjælː] Swedish for 'highland'. In Sweden, the public right gives everyone the right to roam the whole country, provided that only footprints are left behind. The uneven, exposed terrain of the northern Swedish mountains undoubtedly gives them the most spectacular trails.

Designed for exposed skin and harsh climates, this thick and richly moisturizing organic hand cream is quickly absorbed into the skin without feeling greasy. The blend contains four certified organic ingredients combined with Danish spring water and a touch of fragrance to keep the skin hydrated and protected, regardless of the weather.

Benefits of organic ingredients (based on dosage): Skin protecting, Nourishing, Moisturizing.

Scent notes: Heather and thyme, ground berries and leaf juice.

75ml or 30ml in recyclable aluminum tube. 75ml product is also packaged in a gift box.

Made in Denmark

* 20% organic ingredients including water