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Perfume Body Oil LIZA WITTE

  • 290 kr

LIZA WITTE is an artist, perfumer, alchemist and product designer.

All her products and fragrances are uniquely handcrafted in small batches by herself. Every individual product is made and packed by hand by herself in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Explore here her beautiful and unique collection of totally natural body oils :

Burnt Milk - is a pastel green fragrance with top notes of coriander and basil. A heart of pistachio based on blond wood. A shade of soft creamy amber like a day in June.

Cardamom - A light and fragrant liquid, uplifting, sensual and soothing. A lovely weightless fragrance that blends perfectly into the skin. This seductive blend of cardamom and pink grapefruit will cheer you up in the morning, increase motivation and concentration while being soothing and comforting to your nervous system. Firming and regenerating, this deeply nourishing moisturizer leaves you with smooth and sensual skin and a calm, radiant mind.

Green Patchouli - A juicy earthy substance, sensual grounding fuel. Freshly crushed green leaves and a juicy fruity heart note are based in powerful and earthy patchouli tones that root your body deep within itself. Rich and sensual extracts strengthen your body's nervous system and relax your mind. Toning, stimulating and regenerating, this deeply nourishing moisturizer will pamper you and energize your soul for greater things.

Neroli - A juicy elixir, happy, fresh and fragrant, it brightens your day. A lovely fruity scented orange blossom with an aromatic petitgrain edge. This fragrance perfumes and drenches the skin with a splash of happy aromatics. A beneficial heart-opening tonic, it evokes feelings of joy and happiness and works harmonizing and relaxing. Toning, stimulating and regenerating, this deeply nourishing moisturizer will boost your system and leave you with fresh and fragrant skin and a radiant, luminous mind.

Timber - Liquid core of wood, strengthening shield. A deep and mature fragrance of cedar wood and gujac wood with warm amber and slightly smoky notes. The liquid wood is a strongly scented and invigorating aphrodisiac that embraces your body and leaves you with a confident mind. Protecting, regenerating and strengthening your skin, this deeply nourishing moisturizer will soothe and strengthen your skin and envelop your body in warm woody tones.

These moisturizing body oils are carefully handcrafted by Liza Witte in Amsterdam. Made with a rich blend of jojoba, nuts, seeds and essential oils. These body oils contain no preservatives or artificial colours.

50ml glass bottle with dropper