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Rejuvenating Hand Serum L:A BRUKET

  • 450 kr

Hands, lips and neck are the first to show signs of aging: fine lines and discoloration. Exposed to the wear and tear of daily life and contact with pollutants and potential irritants, hands are left fragile and dry. Treat your hands like you treat your face.

Important active ingredients, originating from the Swedish west coast, such as brown algae & rose water.

How it works: The highly concentrated, Rejuvenating Hand Serumrepairs, deeply hydrates and protects the skin barrier. A powerful formula that repairs damaged skin by effectively supporting its regeneration. COSMOS® naturally certified.

Innovation : The combination of algae extract, sodium hyaluronate and a vitamin C derivative works both on the surface and deep in the skin to improve its structure, strengthen its structure over time and leave a luminous finish.

Key Ingredients:

• Biotechnical Brown Algae Active (from Laminaria digitata): acts at the cellular level to help repair the skin at the same time as its healing process by increasing the renewal of epidermal stem cells.

• Powerful humectants (glycerin and vegetable hyaluronic acid): moisturizes the skin by retaining moisture.

• Antioxidant vitamin C derivative (ascorbyl glucoside): more stable than regular vitamin C, promotes brighter skin and protects exposed skin from dark spots.

• Organic flower water: soothes the skin and gives a delicate fragrance.

Dermatologically tested and validated on all skin types including sensitive skin. Suitable for pregnant women as free of essential oils.

A brown formula filled with brown algae that melts into the skin, leaving it luminous and soft. A fast-absorbing formula, perfect to follow up with a L:a Bruket hand cream.

With a neutral scent with just a hint of rose water, which can be combined with any L:a Bruket hand cream.

30 ml brown bottle with pipette and outer box. Made in Sweden.

How to use : Apply two drops to the back of the hands and massage gently.

For complete routine,

- start with hand and body wash to clean the skin,

- follow with Restorative Algae Hand Peel to remove dead skin cells,

- then apply Rejuvenating Hand Serum to repair, replenish and strengthen the skin.

- Finish the treatment with a hand cream to moisturize and protect.