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Sea Salt Scrub L:A BRUKET

  • 380 kr


A natural sea salt scrub that moisturizes and softens the skin and helps increase circulation, with almond oil that effectively removes dead skin cells. Softens the skin and helps stimulate circulation through salt and moisturizing oils.

Effectively counteracts dry patches of skin and dry elbows.

Wild Rose - with rosehip fruit oil, Almond oil, Rapeseed oil, Rosehip oil, Thistle oil, Salt. Rosehip oil has soothing properties and stimulates cell formation.

Sage, Rosemary, and Lavender - Almond oil, Lavender essential oil, Rapeseed oil, Rosemary essential oil, Thistle oil, Sage essential oil, Salt.

Majoram Eucalyptus - With a refreshing and cooling herbal scent. Almond oil, Eucalypyus essential oil, Marjoram essential oil, Rapeseed oil, Safflower oil, Salt

Grapefruit Leaf - The blend of grapefruit and lavender essential oils brings a scent that is both energising and relaxing. Almond oil,  Rapeseed oil, Safflower oil, Salt.

Spruce - with an energising yet soothing scent. Sea salt, Spruce essential oil, Almond oil, Rapeseed oil, Safflower oil.

 L:A Bruket will pledge 5% of net worldwide sales across our full Spruce product line to Naturarvet, a collection foundation with the objective of acquiring old-growth forest in order to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Elderflower - with a refreshing citrusy and elderflower scent. Almond oil, Rapeseed oil, Safflower oil, Salt.

Organic and/or natural ingredients.

Made in Sweden. Plastic jar. 420g