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There are many wonderful, natural resources that we can think of as typically Nordic. They are abundant, and so are a sustainable resource, grow naturally without intervention and the need for agriculture, pesticides or other harmful methods of control and (more often than not as a direct result of their natural existence) are of a higher quality.

Wild grown berries contain far greater antioxidants than their cultivated cousins. They grow from hardy stock, plants that have been established in their environment for generations, and they grow in unpolluted air and soil. These benefits pass onto you, when you use their essences and raw materials in your skincare, your superfood blends or in the teas that are full of plants, berries, leaf shoots and other wonderful parts of this incredible region.

Old wooden box full of wild berries and flowers. Purple blueberries, blackberries and red raspberries.

Face masks, hand serums, moisturising creams and facial products that offer sun protection are often those that incorporate algae and seaweed into their active ingredients, as well as teas or food superfood supplemented with Spirulina, which is a common bright blue/green algae often encountered in these type of  products.