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Organic Tea Blend - Orange Ginger WE B TEA

  • 95 kr

At We B Tea, sustainability has the highest priority, and they always work to minimize the environmental impact of production.

All teas sold by We B Tea have a SE-EKO-04 certificate. This means, among other things, that the plantations where the tea comes from have not used any pesticides in the last five years. They do not buy their tea in bulk, and therefore keep the waste to a minimum.

The tea jars are made of recycled glass. In fact, most of the packaging itself is made from recycled materials.

Glass jar loose leaf tea, 35g / 28 cups

Remember to brew the same tea leaf several times. Good for you, for our nature and for your wallet.

Orange Ginger - Rooibos with a kick of ginger, orange and a hint of Marigold. Rooibos*, ginger*, orange peels*, natural flavouring, marigold*, cranberry* *Certified Organic