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Forest Microbes

Along with urbanisation, the majority of people are no longer in daily contact with nature. This has prevented exposure to the beneficial microbes found in soil, resulting in an increase in various health and skin issues. Daily exposure to the forest is a natural way to strengthen the skin’s microbiome which unfortunately in urban environments, the skin’s immune system is robbed of this natural boost.  

Forest soils are proven to contain microbes that are beneficial for human skin and wellbeing. Exposure to these prevents and treats lifestyle-related diseases that are increasingly prevalent in the western world. Through leading brands from Finland such as Moi Forest and SEES Company, their skincare products make the healing properties of forest bathing a part of daily life in the city. 

Capture the vast power of one of the world’s unique ecosystems - and one which we perhaps don’t often think about - which is that of the forest floor.

Appreciate how lucky we are to have one of the cleanest, pure tracts of untouched forests in Finland and where extensive research from the universities of Helsinki and Tampere have established that microbes from the floor of these forests are so rich in micro species which are extremely beneficial when applied to the skin. 

Reconnecting Nature™ is the result of this work. The project develops ways to prevent immune-mediated diseases including most allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory bowel diseases. According to current understanding, a rapid increase in these is explained by reduced, unilateral exposure to microbes, whereas repeated exposure to nature prevents them.  

Using a Moi Forest product with a microbial extract on a daily basis gives you a diverse nature exposure and boosts your immune system. Your defence mechanism will benefit from the diverse Reconnecting Nature™microbes: the products that contain forest dust balance your unique microbiome, boosting the immune system. A forest bath in the comforts of your home.

This microbial extract Reconnecting Nature ™ is incorporated in now in a number of skincare products, and which deliver a huge amount of forest microbes.

Using these products also supports the strengthening of human contact with nature.

As we continue to discover new brands bringing this technology into the beauty realm, we will continue to bring these new lines to you 

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