The name OM-SE is from the old Swedish verb omse, which means ‘to care for’

Their mission to make high-performing skincare easy. How do they do this? By offering up multifunctional luxury essentials for conscious folk. Produced in Sweden, they use only 100% organic, plant-based, and naturally active ingredients in all products.

The result-driven, minimalist routine delivers healthy, happy skin in three simple steps.

OM-SE was founded by husband-and-wife duo Jenny and Jacob Huurinainen in 2020. In Swedish, the name means ‘to care for’, precisely what this duo sets out to do for skin. By making powerful multi-use products they use on their own skin, all OM-SE products deliver the entire way, from performance to aesthetics.

Beginning as a personal passion project years earlier to treat Jenny’s unbalanced skin post-pregnancy, she took inspiration from the FODMAP methodology. Employing only high-performing ingredients that positively impact skin, she left out any and all additives typically found in skincare. With only her own products on her skin, Jenny finally found herself with a radiant complexion and no longer felt inclined to wear make-up. Jacob followed suit, using the same minimalist routine.

Doing more with less is simply smart

* High-performing formulas
* Multifunctional benefits
* Game-changing results

Try their 3-step routine to liberate you from the many products you once needed:
eye makeup remover, pre-cleans, face wash, daily exfoliant, toner, essence, serum, lash serum, brow serum, moisturiser, day cream, night cream, eye cream and setting spray.

Smartness - in 3 beautiful bottles.


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