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L:A Bruket
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Create a wonderful foot care routine with L:A Bruket's Foot Scrub soap, this softening and cooling Foot Cream and even a Sea Salt Bath Soak for an uplifting home treatment at the end of a busy day. Blissful!

70ml metal tube, in quality gift outer carton.

Made in Sweden


Apply cream to clean dry feet preferably before bedtime. Create a simple yet wonderful refreshing & uplifting home spa treatment for warm, tired or neglected feet with Mint Salt Bath in a bowl for a luxurious foot soak, wash with the pumice & peppermint soap bar and finish with the foot cream. Perhaps pull on some warm socks and head off to bed!

A naturally cooling and reparative foot cream to nourish and soften dry feet. Rich in antioxidants and deeply hydrating it enables the skin to retain its natural moisture. The essential oils bring a cooling and soothing effect, aiding to soothe irritation and inflammation.

Shea butter, Cocoa seed butter, Mentha piperita (peppermint) and patchouli essential oils.

Natural and organic skin care, body & spa products plus sustainable home fragrance collection, from Sweden's West Coast. L:A Bruket's products are formulated with the philosophy that there is no need for chemicals to deliver on effective and desirable items.

L:A Bruket

L:A Bruket

In Sweden, nature isn’t something you visit. It comes to you whenever you step outside. Sun, wind, rock and ice; salt, sand, mud and water. Elements in a tangle of continuous change. The harsh coastal conditions can weather our skin and hair, but rather than hiding from nature, here we turn to it for inspiration and answers. 

L:A Bruket have developed natural and organic skincare made on the west coast of Sweden with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature.

Their coastal home is Varberg, which has over 200 years of spa culture. Backed by this well-established natural skincare knowledge, L:A Bruket have been developing organic formulas that protect and nurture the skin and hair since 2008, applying a modern mindset to age-old sea therapy practices, such as seaweed bathing, to create innovative contemporary treatments that use sustainably sourced ingredients.

They are without compromise when it comes to ingredient purity, because research shows that our skin and hair respond to natural molecules most effectively.

The resulting products are defined by function and quality – made to be resilient in an unforgiving climate so that they can meet the demands of any situation.

And because a holistic approach to a wholesome lifestyle is truly what they stand for, they have created a home range of products to bring the scents of Scandinavian nature to your indoors. Created in the same philosophy of offering high quality products with the best possible ingredients, the home range brings nourishment and comfort, in a safe and sustainable way. All natural ingredients, Swedish grown rapeseed wax and with refillable candles in pouches, they are committed to making the your environment a better one. 

L:A Bruket have recently further developed their mission for ethical living to their new skincare line with a range that captures the essence of Swedish coastal living with formulas that include algae, Nordic cotton, Sea Aster and even water from the cold local waters, now with refillable travel kits and soft pouches in bulk sizes that ensure they truly deliver on their sustainability values.