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Large Scented Candle - Green Gardenia BLOOMINGVILLE

  • 529 kr

A fantastic centerpiece for your home decor, these Swedish made plant wax candles are so attractive but with the added benefit that after the candle is used you have a lovely vase, plant pot or even sweetie jar to last. Good for the environment and for the wallet!

In textured glass that reminds us of the glass washed up on the local beaches and filled with natural scents.

No 2 Green Gardenia, in rose glass

At once serene and lively, Green Gardenia combines watery white flowers with rich resinous woods to elevate and refine a classic floral.

Scent Family: Floral.

Top notes: Bergamot (lemon fruit), heliotrope (shrubs with violet flowers), marine.

Heart notes: Jasmine, white floral, tuberose (a distant relative of the hyacinth), ylang-ylang (a small green tree)

Base notes: Labdanum (a sticky brown resin obtained from shrubs), benzoin (a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees in the genus Styrax), tonka bean (species of flowering tree in the pea family), sandalwood, musk.

The fragrance profile is both floral and feminine with rounded sweet undertones that entice the senses with enticing notes of sandalwood and raw vanilla-like tonka bean as a base. Musk notes blend well with the woody scents and add depth to the white flowers for an intimate and lingering floral experience.

900g, in gift box 12x11x11cm