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Natural Incense Sticks SKÅNE LJUS

  • 30 kr


Packet of 10 incense sticks made from only natural ingredients and with essential oils. Mild scent, natural and inspired by the Nordic nature. Clean, uplifting and relaxing sticks for use in our ceramic incense holder. 

Good for yoga, meditation and spa. Completely natural, un-dyed colour.

Choose from the following scents, which reflects Skåne's wonderful landscape:

Archipelago - uplifting mint and lavender, will clear your head like a fresh climb over the rocky coast. Spa fresh scent.

Summer cottage - wild roses grow around Skåne, next to the beach huts, in the cottage garden and along forest paths. A fresh, dry rose scent, not too sweet.

Woodland Sprite - discover a hidden spot on a forest walk of fresh herbs that grow wild, with hints of lemon balm, chamomile and wild fragrant bushes.

Forest  Walk - the majestic woody trees of the ancient woodlands, with warm tones of oak moss, cedar and the earthy soil.

Beachside  - walk along the jetty at Sandskögen, Ystad,  for a refreshing encounter of pure sea breeze mixed with forest and sand dunes.

Blackberry thicket - the scent of the tangled blackberry bush with sweet dark fruits mixed with green leaves.