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Scented Tag - Coriander L:A BRUKET

  • 220 kr

A perfumed tag that gives a unique scent to any room.

Scented grains of paper / cardboard and Hinoki-scented oils give a unique atmosphere to the home. For example, hang on a door handle, in a closet or on a towel rail in the bathroom.

A wonderful gift idea for the stylish and fragrant home. Scent will last for around 3 months (depending on size of the room/cupboard used in)

Coriander is fresh, green and a little spicy but light and smells outdoors. The therapeutic properties of Aetheroleum coriandri are traditionally known to provide emotional relief, strengthen the thought process and drive away anxiety. The scent of coriander and mint leaves has a warming effect that will attract spiritual and emotional inspiration to last a long time.

Delivered in a quality gift box.

Natural and organic skin care made on Sweden's west coast. L: a Bruket's products are formulated with the philosophy that there is no need for chemicals to renew skin care.