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Seasons Scented Candle - Nordlys SKANDINAVISK

  • 299 kr

NORDLYS [ˈnuːr][ˈlyˀs] Scandinavian for 'Northern Lights' One of the Seven Wonders of Nature, a symphony of colour, movement and light that ripples across the Nordic night sky, leaving myths and legends in its wake.

Scent notes: Arctic intensity and heavenly color, a scent as alien as it is otherworldly.

Gather around the junior member of our updated seasonal candle collection. We have introduced larger glass, new design, FSC-certified beechwood lid, hard gift boxes and poured them in Sweden. All this adds to the more familiar Swedish rapeseed wax blend, returning scent favourite and FSC certified packaging standard that reflects our journey to leave a lighter footprint. A heartwarming Scandinavian gift experience.

90g; 20 hours burning time

Diameter: 8 cm

Height: 5.6 cm