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Aromatherapy Sleep Mask - 100% Linen

  • 340 kr


This wonderful aromatherapy eye mask will be your faithful companion for those little moments of rest.

The mask contains  two pockets for adding or changing the filled bags: flaxseed and lavender flowers or flaxseed and chamomile flowers. Just remove the previous bags and change them according to your wishes. Your moment of relaxation can begin. Use hot (microwave) or cold (refrigerator).

The yellow option is 100% linen and dyed with natural colour from turmeric. Sunny and environmentally friendly!

Use: cold (chamomile / flaxseed) or warm (lavender / flaxseed), or just as it is - you will experience the benefits in which way you choose to enjoy the mask. So good when you have a headache, or just need to pep up during the day, Perfect for relaxing at home, perfect for travel.

Everything is washable and you can re-charge the scent with essential oils.


  • Eyes Mask in 100% natural linen with elastic headband.
  • 2 bags with organic flaxseed and organic chamomile (soothes tired and swollen eyes)
  • 2 bags of organic flaxseed and organic lavender (natural relaxant)
  • Storage and travel bag