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Organic Tea Blend WE B TEA

  • 95 kr


At We B Tea, sustainability has the highest priority, and they always work to minimize the environmental impact of production.

All teas sold by We B Tea have a SE-EKO-04 certificate. This means, among other things, that the plantations where the tea comes from have not used any pesticides in the last five years. They do not buy their tea in bulk, and therefore keep the waste to a minimum.

The tea jars are made of recycled glass. In fact, most of the packaging itself is made from recycled materials.

Glass jar loose leaf tea, 35g / 28 cups

Remember to brew the same tea leaf several times. Good for you, for our nature and for your wallet. Choose from:

Herby Grey - Interesting version of the classic Earl Grey Tea. This black tea blend contains carefully selected herbs that are traditionally used to improve our cognitive function. Enjoy a full-bodied black tea with a unique herbal taste. Indian Assam black tea *, lemon peel *, rosemary *, thyme *, sage *, black pepper *, bergamot *. * Certified organic

Zesty Dark - black tea for those who love the fresh and fruity flavours. Filled with lemongrass, ginger and lemon peel, this black tea is a well-mixed tea that gives you a feeling of energy. Black Tea Assam *, ginger * (12%), lemongrass *, natural aroma, lemon peel * (3%). * Certified organic

Apricot Peach - black tea for all sweet tea lovers out there. With its sweet taste from apricot and peach, fruit pieces it is perfect as an afternoon sweetness or as a cold-brewed summer drink. Black tea *, natural aroma *, marigold *, apricot *, peach *, * certified organic

Jasmine Rose - if you love the floral scent of jasmine, this tea is for you! With its lovely floral tones from jasmine, elderberry, rose and a very small hint of vanilla and peach, it is one of our favorite teas to brew both hot and cold. This blend contains 4 different teas that give a wonderful dynamic in the flavours, two of the types are the exclusive Chinese jasmine silver needle and Jasmine dragon pearls that give this tea that little extra wow! Green tea (jasmine green tea, Sencha, dragon pearls) *, elderberry *, rose petals *, white tea *, peach *, vanilla *. * Certified organic

Spirulina Quince - a green tea filled with the power of nature. With its fruity taste and healthy ingredients, it is wonderful for everyone and is also a refreshing summer drink. Green tea *, quince *, moringa leaves *, natural aroma *, meadow sweet *, spinach *, verbena whole *, spirulina *, * certified organic

Houjicha - a special Japanese green tea that has been brewed much like a regular Japanese green tea, but after the steaming process the tea is roasted. The roasting process gives the tea a unique roasted, nutty taste and a lower amount of caffeine. Japanese green tea *, * certified organic

Ginger Mint - a wonderful green rooibos stuffed with green mint and ginger. This tea is the perfect tea for those who want to stay away from caffeine and love the kick of ginger. Green Rooibos *, Spearmint *, Ginger *, * Certified Organic

Sweet Berry - A light, refreshing sweetness from elderflower and berries makes this tea the perfect green tea to boost yourself with. Chinese green tea (Sencha)*, lemongrass*, green tea (Chinese gunpowder)*, green tea (putharjhora)*amaranth*, elderflower*, white tea (Mao Feng)*, berberis*, goji berries*, aronia berries*, cranberries*, calendula*, chia seeds*, raspberry*, meadowsweet*, galangal*, acerola berries*, wheatgrass*, açai*, guarana* * Certified organic

Lemon Nettle - Refeshing & healthy blend of Green tea (Chinese Sencha)*, Mate green tea*, Lemongrass*, Nettle*, White Tea (Pad Mu Tan)*, Lemon Peel*, ginger*, green tea Matcha* * Certified Organic

Orange Ginger - Rooibos with a kick of ginger, orange and a hint of Marigold. Rooibos*, ginger*, orange peels*, natural flavouring, marigold*, cranberry* *Certified Organic

Stockholm Breakfast - a traditional organic black tea blend with a well rounded, robust flavour. Can be enjoyed with milk. Keemum*, Darjeeling*, Assam* * Certified Organic