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Essential Oils Gift Set - Scandinavian Winter THE WITCHERY CPH

  • 260 kr

A beautifully presented set of pure oils for aromatherapy, additives to the sauna bucket, massage or for our mist diffusers from The Witchery CPH, a company that is passionate about raw materials of the highest quality, from sustainable sources such as small EU farms, all organic, all pressed and extracted with the best methods to ensure all the powerful essences and antioxidants from the plants are retained.

A wonderful set of durable essential oils. Forest scents, perfect for colder days.

A collection of Rosemary + Sage + Pine oils

Perfect for aromatherapy, home spa, do-it-yourself skin care

Rosemary: for focus, drop cortisol, center yourself

Sage: relaxes muscles, helps with menstrual cramps, relaxes

Pine: helps to release sinuses, helps with breathing and relaxation

A perfect autumn / winter set for the Scandinavian forest experience

The set comes with a small canvas bag (unbleached cotton, now with a drawstring not a zipper,), so you can take the oils with you everywhere. 3 x 10ml glass bottles.