In 2021, Katja Rosasco founded Meishai with a clear purpose: to provide Asthma Allergy Nordic certified high-performance haircare to everyone. Katja was born with allergies, and later in life she fell in love with hairdressing. Working in the industry was a challenge for her, where it was hard to navigate in a world full of wonderful products she couldn’t use on herself. However, with over a decade of experience, she had a unique vision for high performance haircare that would be safe for her & others looking for the cleanest of hair care products.. Meishai represents the fusion of Katja’s sensitivity and creativity.

At Meishai, we take pride in offering our customers and the professionals haircare that is Asthma Allergy Nordic certified, without compromising on quality or design. We believe in a new way of thinking and creating hair products, and are excited to share our vision with the world.

For Katja, Meishai is not just a brand, but a window of expression. It represents a unique way of communicating beauty, where authenticity shines through. With the belief that true beauty comes from within and shines brightest when you embrace yourself.

Discover Meishai - high-performance, clean haircare that helps you express your authentic beauty without compromise.


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