Premium 12% CBD oil

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The Oil is a premium, broad spectrum, 12% hemp/CBD oil. Grown and Harvested in Sweden, it’s all natural, vegan and third party tested, the way CBD should be. Better quality CBD oil means a better feeling. Feeling better means a better balance.

At l’eaume they vow to honour the science behind CBD oil by providing a premium, broad spectrum CBD oil that only contains balancing ingredients.

With 0,0% THC. That means NO THC.

THC is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It is natural, but for a better balance, it’s better not to use it. We want you to enjoy a better balance, and for this to happen, l'eaume have removed any trace of THC from their CBD oil. It’s all gone. Leaving you to experience only the most caring, natural ingredients.  Using third party tests it has been authorised that their CBD products have 0,0% THC, meaning you can enjoy a better balance with a clear conscience.

For all your questions regarding the use of CBD oil you can visit l'eaume's website here

This also makes a wonderful, nourishing and skin-calming oil when applied directly and massaged in.

Although CBD has been used for more than 10,000 years, we are not permitted to discuss the health benefits.
But those who know, know.

CBD is approved within the EU. And many EU countries allow the sale and consumption of CBD oil. But not all countries. Which means it is important to check the regulations in the country that you are located.

12 % Premium CBD (broad spectrum) organic cannabidiol & organic MCT (coconut) oil.
Organic, EU hemp.
Independently lab tested.

With Sweden’s green forests and peaceful lakes, people living here have a close connection to nature. And at l’eaume they are the same. They wanted their CBD oil to start its journey in a beautiful environment and finish in one too, in a tincture, between your fingers, ready to make you smile.

The have created a special CBD oil. You are special. And the fields where the plants are harvested are…you guessed it, special. It’s a beautiful view. A quiet field of tall green leaves blowing softly in the wind, waiting to bring balance. At l’eaume they embrace the joy that their CBD oil comes from a place that is proudly called home.

12 % Premium CBD (broad spectrum) organic cannabidiol & organic MCT (coconut) oil.


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