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Body & Spa

Dive in and enjoy a sensory experience with sea salt baths, body scrubs with flowers & herbs that grow abundant in the Nordics, rich butters, lotions and oils. You will find shampoo and deeply nourishing, free from anything nasty or synthetic hair masks with extract from the birch trees that are synonymous with Scandinavia and grow all over this region, from the Southern Danish borders right up to the Arctic circle  and throughout Finalnd's forests.

Enjoy hair oils to enrich & support hair health, with seeds from the strawberry and onions that marry local and Ayurvedic knowledge (reinforcing that ancient peoples really understood the land and the plants that grew) or perhaps solid shampoo bars for ease of travelling and zero waste options? 

No Nordic spa would be complete without a sauna. enrich the experience with body washes, sauna scents and textiles for a full spa experience at home full of the aromas of warm pine wood, smoky fires and forests of spruce, birch and the sticky amber-coloured sap that oozes from the cut logs.