What does wellbeing represent? 

A feeling of giving yourself the best, in terms of time, nourishment, care and positivity. Finding the best natural products that you can. Strip away all the excess. Get rid of the plastic, the fillers and the artificial. Reward yourself with honest and authentic goods that will enrich yourself and your daily living. 

Fresh teas, made with only plants - no added flavourings. Taste the real goodness. Discover adaptogens that deliver incredible plant power and will assist you in finding your best self. Use these much researched herbs that have been incorporated into traditional native folk remedies for thousands of years and still form the basis of the big foraging culture that continues today amongst the Nordic people. Even urban dwellers will escape to their remote wooden cottage and spends days hunting out their secret -often forgotten - locations for blueberries, wild strawberries, elderflower & later the dark purple berries, mushrooms, hazelnuts, wild garlic and more.

Chaga mushroom is an incredible example - growing wild on the arctic birch trees in northern Finland this will fight inflammation in the body, balance your systems whilst connecting you with the land in which is was grown. Mushrooms, berries, algae and tree barks - what could be more Nordic?