Nordic Living

The Nordic home - clean lines, light wood, lots of bright light through open windows and soft linens blowing in the breeze. Minimalism, but not in the clinical extreme, more softer &reflective of nature - even in the cities. Light tones and earthy shades. And candles! Lots of them! The Nordic counties LOVE candles, to brighten up darker days & to bring the nature in.

Adapt to the seasons through fragrance. Use alternatives to deliver different solutions to different rooms in the home, and for changing moments during the day. Enjoy scented candles, scent diffusers, aromatherapy mists. Discover incense that captures the unique perfumes of the northern nature with ceramic hand made holders created exclusively for us from the local clay just a few miles from our door. The colours of these very special incense holders and the saucers for tea lights are chosen to reflect the landscape - blue skies & sea, earth tones or yellow of the fields of rapeseed that cover the region in early summer.

Fragrance is subtle, like the scent of the outdoors through an open window. Pure. Sometimes crisp, like snow or a cold wind blowing off the sea. Sometimes earthy and woody, the scent of the forest, cut logs and a wood-burning stove.

Clean the home with pure products, not ones which leave chemical odours with harmful volatile components. Ensure your skin, your children and pets don't come into contact with anything that could be hazardous. As a side note - you want your cleaning products look good on the kitchen counter! They make great gifts too - for every home lover, to welcome a new house or for a thoughtful hostess thank you present.