The Swedish mother-daughter duo Theresia and Hedda Dibinger have a clear vision for Nóttnuit: to create clean formulations of the highest scientific standards by utilising knowledge of advanced skincare and visual aesthetics.

Theresia is an award-winning formulation innovation developer with a hands-on approach to clean skincare. Hedda is a creative director with many years of experience in photography and visual arts.

Now they’re paving the way for a new perspective on natural skincare with Nóttnuit.

What does clean mean to Theresia & Hedda?

— Skin-compatible formulas with clinically tested bio-actives
— All natural and vegan ingredients
— Organic ingredients whenever possible
— Always free from synthetic ingredients
— Free from GMOs
— Uncompromising quality and efficacy

Connecting to the natural Nordic landscape through form, materials and ingredients, Nóttnuit formulas rest in vials of violet glass. No two vials are the same. Each is re-envisioned, sculpted and transformed into unique works of art by glass artisan in Hälsingland, Sweden.


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