Nordic beauty reflects the region - clean, minimal, yet harnessing the power of the rugged nature that will endure long light summer days contrasted with extreme cold and fierce conditions. 

Beauty products that can take care in these northern weathers will deliver whatever your specific skin care needs are. Be that a need for moisturising creams, natural scrubs to buff away the dry flakes and leave a glowing polished complexion or amazing oils that are blends of the potent , hardy natural plants that withstand all that the seasons deliver.

Find simple tools that will create connecting rituals that you can do easily at home, or when travelling. No need for a salon booking. No electrical equipment or complicated steps. Using just an oil or mask, a gua sha or organic cotton pad and your hands and you have a meaningful routine that will deliver results, not least in giving you 'me time'. 

Focus on your own wellbeing in a simple, natural and connected way. Using products that are of the highest, natural quality.