The Facial Brush Ritual by Djusie

Get into a regular routine of dry brushing the face as it will stimulate the lymph flow and  improve circulation which will result in  increased oxygenation and delivery of nutrients via the improved blood flow. It will help the skin win its' renewal processes, thereby keeping it glowing, less puffy and overall more healthy looking with improved healing and cellular renewal.

It is a simple routine, involving using this soft comfortable brush in upward movements on the cheek and chin area, downward towards the ears when working on the forehead. always brush on dry skin. You can follow Djusie's founder, Katja Kokko here with a simple video tutorial.

Made in Germany, from soft natural goat bristle and olive wood. The bristles are sheared from the goats of Tibetan farmers whilst the wood is from very old olive trees in Europe, that are felled only when they are non productive and are cleared for the planting of new. 

Use 3-4 times a week, on clean skin after showering.  Showering can reduce the effects of what the brushing achieves so it is important to do this in the correct order.

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