A little story for you, on how an English woman ended up in Sweden, selling some of the world's coolest and certainly some of the best organic luxury skincare; wonderful body products with sensory benefits of the Nordic nature; along with some really beautiful home fragrance collections that transport you to the open landscapes of this very special region of Northern Europe.

If you haven't explored our store yet, take some time - perhaps with a lovely cup of tea - and browse through our pages and products where hopefully you will find a relaxing and calming connection with the essence of the Nordic lands. This is what we find so magical about the region.

As a family, myself, my husband & our two sons moved from southern England 10 years ago for a change of pace and an adventure for us all! 

We wanted to swim in deep lakes, enjoy endless empty sandy beaches and get out in the forest on a daily basis, without a long car journey or making it an 'excursion'. This is daily life in Sweden. Nature is so close, easily accessible and enjoyed by everyone of all ages. Society supports outdoor living, environmental protections and life is unhurried and calm.

From a working background of more than 30 years in luxury cosmetics in the UK and Ireland, travelling the country to sell to retailers, or to meet with marketing teams to promote these world famous international beauty brands, I was kept busy and motivated, but away from home more than I liked. My husband was working a demanding job in advertising sales and publishing so we decided on a radical change to find that important work-life balance.

The move to Sweden has been really positive, and great for us all. Now we are Swedish citizens, and we get the most from the Scandinavian way of living. 

We created a holiday home business at Red Bird Farm which had a small boutique on site, where our guests enjoyed shopping the natural soaps, candles and other products they find in their rented apartments. This evolved with a natural progression for someone with a beauty & retail background into opening a boutique in our nearby pretty town of Ystad.

At the end of 2021 we begun with a pop up store - 5 Star Wellbeing - which proved to be a success so is now a permanent location on Hamngatan 3, 271 43 Ystad, where we sell only Nordic natural, organic and vegan products for beauty & wellbeing. 

Since launching this new international website Bare Nordic Beauty at the end of 2022 we will soon be changing our store name to that of BÄR - Bare Nordic Beauty - as this captures the spirit of the Nordic wild berries and other wonderful ingredients that are found in so much of what we sell. And as this word BÄR, when spoken, says 'bare' we thought it fitting for products that are all about honesty, transparency and just pure natural goodness.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions - we can advise on best beauty or gift solutions, help with your choices and give you a first class service (or even answer on how to move everything, including the dog, to a new country!).

I would love to share my experience. 

// Tonia

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