Vegan shaving brush

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Let the badgers, the boars and the earth live in peace with and bring your shaving experience to perfection with this stylish, quality shaving brush. Made with the best materials to provide the finest shaving experience and long durability.


For wet shaving, apply your soap of choice and work up a good lather with the brush, spreading it over the area where you want to shave.
Rinse clean after use and stand upright on its base to allow for drainage and drying naturally.

A sturdy, well made and comfortable to hold shaving brush that causes not harm to animals in it's production and has the added benefit of durable and neutral synthetic fibres which are less prone to harbouring mold.
Good styling will suit both the traditional and the modern bathroom and is a item that will last for many years.

The bristles are made of nylon, the best alternative to animal hair. The synthetic fibers mimic the straight natural badger hair for a natural feel and soft touch. Unlike animal hair, it has a neutral smell/odor.

The handle is made of aluminium. A 100% recyclable and impermeable material that also resists corrosion. Being a solid material makes it the perfect choice for a durable and long-lasting razor handle and has a nice, comfortable feel.

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