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Not Your Average Coffee
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Do you know the feeling, when it is too late for a cup of coffee? But is it, though?

As official coffee addicts, we are happy to present this specially engineered decaf coffee with premium melatonin.

With the additional night time benefits of - as with all of Not Your Average Coffee's production, where all coffee is lab tested for toxins such as Ochratoxin-A. Chances are that if  you ever experienced headaches, jitters or even anxiety after drinking coffee these are NOT from caffeine intolerance, but from the mould and toxins in commercial coffee.

Enjoy your coffee, any time of day and with extra health-boosting benefits of selected superfoods.


Pre-ground coffee, to simply brew in your usual coffee filter machine, French press, pour over drip or stove top coffee maker.

With specially engineered decaf coffee containing premium melatonin. Melatonin improves your sleep quality and being mixed in a rich-tasting decaf coffee, is a wonderful relaxing evening or after dinner drink. A good way too to fight jet lag or irregular work & sleeping patterns.

In addition, ashwagandha is an adaptogen used to balance stress and high cortisol, whilst maca root has shown to increase libido, mood & wellbeing, fighting free radicals and generally bringing balance to the body's systems.

Specialty Colombian Sugarcane decaf grounded coffee roasted in Estonia.
Supermaca powder.
Ashwagandha powder.
High-quality melatonin.

Not Your Average Coffee is female founded. Supporting women who ethically farm the coffee in Peru who are in addition to taking care of the coffee, are also learning leadership and entrepreneurial skills, improving their self-esteem, all whilst learning the skill of the coffee roasting techniques. NYAC company is located in Estonia.


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