Large sea glass candle : Santal fig

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A fantastic centrepiece for your home decor, these Swedish made plant wax candles are so attractive but with the added benefit that after the candle is used you can re-purpose the vessel in so many ways. A lasting item.

In textured glass that reminds us of the glass washed up on the local beaches and filled with natural scents.

No 3 Santal Fig, in blue glass

Sweet Santal Fig is topped with Persian galbanum, milky white flowers and creamy coconut, all mixed with light sandalwood and earthy amber.

The fusion of fruity, floral and woody notes is beautifully balanced by Persian galbanum; an intense green scent that accompanies each ingredient as they blend into each other to fill the room with lingering rich notes of fleshy fig and floral jasmine. The fragrance gently evaporates a feeling of tenderness, which is further enhanced and rounded off by deep and nurturing woody scents.

900g, in gift box 12x11x11cm

Trim wick before use, each time, for a clean & even burn. Follow enclosed safety instructions for candles use.
Each candle of 60+ hours total burning time.

Create a natural, stylish Scandinavian home with certified organic and vegan candles that capture the scents and style of Nordic living.
The added benefit that after the candle is used you have a lovely bathroom holder, plant pot or sweetie jar to last. Good for the environment and for the wallet!

Scent family: Green, fruity.
Top notes: Bergamot (citrus fruit), lemon.
Heart notes: Fig tree leaf, fig fruit, jasmine, green.
Base notes: Sandalwood, amber, musk.
Swedish made plant wax

Design led team from Denmark, Bloomingville create typically Nordic living goods at great prices. Made with quality.


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