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The solid metal candle lid protects Amoln’s monochromatic blue candles and preserves the scent. Handcrafted and featuring Amoln’s embossed logo, each lid is unique.

Designed by O Terawat of Hèrmes Masan & Masan fame, the signature logo embodies the stories of our co-founders, unwavering passion and artisanal spirits.            

Originated from a basic pencil sketch through long and dedicated thought-process, the logo’s cloud lining proclaims infinite possibilities that moln (cloud in Swedish) brings. The inner layer symbolises Jonas and Aice Bergholm, the two founders who constantly brainstorm, explore and discuss to create each fragrances and design of Amoln products. This prevailing curiosity prompted O Terawat to compose two heads in the shape of clouds signifying their dreams, original aesthetic and vision of the brand. 

The candle lid is sold separately.

180g | 6.35oz

H: 0,5 cm | 0,2 inches
∅: 8,8 cm | 3,5 inches


Use the lid when the candle is not in use, to contain and preserve the fragrance whilst keeping the candle surface free of dust and other material that will affect the scent, burn quality and prestige of this luxurious decorative item.

Amoln conduct an ethical business with integrity towards social and environmental responsibilities. Advocating for a conscious consumption, they promote minimal waste and minimise carbon-footprints, while actively embracing sustainable practices.

Crafted details on different textures such as special tactile candle label, solid metal lid, matte paper or hand molded ceramic the quality of design and materials is evident.

Amoln is a Swedish perfumery and personal care brand founded in Malmö, Sweden. Moln is the Swedish word for cloud. The mythological and natural mystery of clouds inspires our signature products in monochromatic blue. Ethically sourced, all Amoln personal care product lines combine our passions for fragrances, craftsmanship and intimate memories with raw materials of the highest quality and contemporary Scandinavian design. Amoln products are handcrafted by legendary artisans with a century-long history and know-how without cruelty to animals, human beings and our environment.

Founded in 2019 by Jonas and Aice Bergholm. Amoln continuously takes handmade, highest-quality ingredients and a thoughtful approach to creating new additions to the niche perfumery and lifestyle world.

Since 2022, Amoln has created the perfume and provided scented candles to the Swedish Royal Palaces.


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