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Canvas for Creativity - a Gentle Guide to Art Journaling - opens up your inner playfulness and helps you find inspiration in your daily life through art journaling.

Creativity is much more than meticulous drawing or having a perfect eye for colour. An art journal is a visual diary that helps you let go of perfectionism and express yourself in your own special way.

Canvas for Creativity follows the journey of an overachiever embracing creativity.  Anni Peltola is a Helsinki-based artist and creativity coach, whose professional path led her from occupational therapy to entrepreneurship in the field of art.

The visually engaging book serves as a step-by-step guide to help you start your own art journaling adventure.
No need to fear a lack of ideas or knowledge on the many techniques you can discover.

Art journaling will fill your days and creative side with a new way at looking at how you keep your thoughts on paper. Experiment more. Art journaling can also create focus and help in processing emotions and can be life-changing in many wonderful ways.

Sustainably produced & printed in EU, with contributions from a Helsinki-based artist and coach, coming from a background of occupational therapy. A perfect combination to support your emotional wellbeing through art and reflection.

Dream Cozy is a Finnish publishing house, established for 10 years by a mother & daughter, who continue to own it together. A small family business with only have 2 full day workers plus some freelancer designers.
From the beginning they wanted to approach publishing from a different angle, to make beautiful design pieces which have a long life cycle and people enjoy after many years, not something that would have a sale sticker stamped on them within a few months. They want to create quality, which has to be seen in both the materials used and the beautiful content they and their authors create.


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