Ceramic oil diffuser

Skåne Ljus
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A really nice way to enjoy fragrance in the home is through a simple aroma burner, for wax melts or essential/perfume oil, which does not need any electricity or battery power source, just an ordinary unscented tea light.

Use for up to 4-5 hours at a time (for the duration of the tealight, or shorter).

Wax melt cubes  sold separately. Full safety instructions for use are provided.

Size: 9.5 cm high x 9.5 cm diameter

Use for either wax melts or essential oils. the using with oils - either single oil or create your own blend - use water in the bowl to prevent the oil burning. Wash the bowl clean after use.

Easy to use, without electricity or battery merely an unscented tea light. You can use for either wax melts or essential oils.

Matt white ceramic.

A simple ceramic diffuser.


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