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A fantastic accessory that will transform your empty Quod vessel into a useful and very attractive vase for real flowers, dried branches, grasses & seed heads. Follow the tradition of Ikebana with the use of a fakir. This spiked weight will hold both soft stems and woody, holding them in place and preventing your chosen plant material from falling over and given you a beautiful arrangement. Designed to sit in water or use without, according to your needs.

The distinctive vessels are made in Lidköping’s porcelain factory, once part of the historical Rörstrand works. Each jar and lid is hand glazed and therefore unique, with a life all of its, forever a design statement in your room.

Simply sit the fakir in the base of your vase, sit the Quod candle lid in place and arrange your flowers, grasses, branches and seed heads through the holes and secure the stem by pressing into the fakir.

Use your empty Quod candle vessel time after time to create a focal point, bringing natural material into the home, with a weighted rubber base that will last both if used wet or dry.

A traditional 60mm fakir from Quod that is designed to arrange flowers and keep them upright. The product consists black steel needles surrounded by a rubber ring that keeps everything in place. At the same time, the rubber ring protects the vase or bowl in which it stands.

Founded in Stockholm by two women, Malin & Anna, they find that what nature has to offer is their greatest inspiration. From the simplicity of a single flower to awe of the mighty forest, from the unspoiled beauty of fresh air to the oceans that surround us. This inspiration is central to everything they do, from the character of the fragrances to the jars they are poured in, through to the final packaging materials.

And because they are totally committed in taking care of nature and caring for what we have, when your candle reaches the end of its life you are encouraged to recycle it, and to perhaps give another life to the beautiful vessel.


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