Full body soap 'Le Meil'

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Melyon's Le Miel soap bar is natural and fragrance-free. Saponified vegan oils and honey are the only two ingredients. Known for its healing properties, honey has many benefits for sensitive skin and can be used in intimate areas. Thanks to the process of cold saponification, the soap is rich in natural glycerin and so offers an ultra-soft experience for all skins.

Made in the mountain region of France. All soaps have slight irregularities in shape that result from handmade manufacture, which is absolutely part of their charm. Delivered in smart, quality gift box.

Use Melyon Soap in shower, basin or bath. Use from top to bottom. Start with face and neck. Work your way down.

Leave to dry naturally, ideally on a soap dish so the water can drain.

The foam leaves skin soft, moisturised, and with a sweet scent. A magnificent soap that appeals. Suitable for all skin types.

This product is Palm Oil-free, Preservative, and Paraben-free. Product is 100% of Natural Origin.

Sustainable. Cruelty Free. No harmful chemicals. Clean beauty.

Saponified vegan oils and honey are the only two ingredients

Melyon is a Swedish skincare brand, that has a resolute mission to champion inclusivity in the exclusive world of beauty.

All products are meticulously formulated, keeping people of all skin tones in mind. It specifically addresses the unique conditions often associated with darker complexions, yet it remains adaptable for various skin types. Drawing inspiration from founder Roger Dupé's roots in West Africa, he infuses the Scandinavian lifestyle brand with the finest elements from nature and science. This fusion results in safe, ethical products with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

Melyon is more than just skincare; it's a platform for sharing authentic stories. They've developed this line to empower those who challenge the prevailing beauty norms, aiming to contribute to the evolution of beauty standards, fostering a more progressive & inclusive definition of beauty. Ultimately, the vision is for society to embrace diversity as the true essence of beauty.

Helianthus annuus seed oil *, Cocos nucifera oil *, aqua, sodium hydroxide, Mel *. *From organic farming. Certified organic according to the COSMOS ORGANIC standard (international standard for organic cosmetics).


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