Gua Sha set

Grums Aarhus
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The gua sha box consists of a jade roller and a gua sha stone. The set is made of incredibly durable, crystallised mineral jade.

Significantly increases blood circulation in the skin

Stimulates cell regeneration in the facial skin

Relieves muscle tension

100% vegan

Durable material

Weight : 225g

Packaging material : 100% biodegradable packaging

Facial roller : Roll with the small end of the face roller from the tip of the nose up to the forehead.
Use the large end of the facial roller from the side of the nose and towards the ear.

Gua sha : Move across the eye area and out towards the ear.
Draw across from the base from the temple up over the temporalis muscle.
Stretch the neck muscles from the bottom (clavicle) up to the base of the ears avoiding the front of the throat where the windpipe is..

Use increases blood flow and cell renewal in the facial skin, which is crucial for the skin's collagen production and thus the skin's elasticity.

The effect is scientifically proven and the microflow of blood increases by up to 4 times during 8 minutes of use.

The use of gua sha and a facial roller stimulates the facial muscles and has good properties for relieving muscle pain and tension.

Made from natural jade stone, shaped to fit the contours of the face and incredibly safe & easy to use.

Grums is a Danish skincare brand, founded in 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus is their hometown and the centre of everything they do, including collecting the coffee waste used in their skincare products around the town on their cargo bike. Their values are that sustainability is not about preaching morality. It’s about creating something that lasts.


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