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Sitre’s Silicone Gel is an intimate lube made with silicone, oils and vitamin e to create a long-lasting moisturising effect for both pleasure and nurture.

The allergy-friendly and non-toxic silicone gel is made with a high concentration of silicone and natural oils to create a smooth lube that doesn’t get absorbed by the skin. This is ideal for long-lasting pleasure as the moisturising gel stays on the skin for extra ease and no friction without having to be reapplied. With added antioxidant vitamin e for a nurturing and healing effect to make sure any unwelcome discomfort stays far away.

Bring it everywhere! We all know how important it is to take a break from the everyday stress - which is one of the biggest reasons for not feeling in the mood - and these moments arise when we are not at home with everything to hand. With the travel size gel you can keep it in a bag or pocket. It's the same as the bigger version, just in a smaller bottle which still has a quality pump function (it’s important!).

Available in both 150ml plastic bottle and 50ml travel size.

Apply on skin to make sex feel smooth. The gel doesn't need to be re-applied as it stays on top of the skin - this also means that you will need to remove it afterwards - but it doesn't feel sticky.

The gel is completely safe to use with condoms and perfect to use for behind, as the body doesn’t naturally create any moisture in this area.

A mindful choice
Made in Denmark and dermatologically tested.
No glycerin, parabens or perfume.
Over 80% of silicone for extremely long-lasting effect.
It is allergy-friendly and 100 % vegan.
Safe to use while trying to conceive and during pregnancy.
Bottle made from recycled plastic and packaging is FSC-certified.

Natural gel made with a high concentration of silicone, natural oils and vitamin e to create a smooth lube that doesn’t get absorbed by the skin so no re-pumping is needed.

Sitre was born in Denmark out of a need for a more honest, inclusive and caring take on intimacy, telling stories and making products for all sexualities, ages, all people & bodies.

Serious about pleasure, in a healthy, open and natural way which means giving intimacy the respect it deserves with high quality natural and locally made products and honest stories.

Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate, Dimethiconol, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables
Tocopheryl Acetate


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