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L:A Bruket
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Total natural liquid soap for hands and body, with fragrances taken directly from nature that will transport you outside.

Spruce - The grapefruit, spruce and patchouli essential oils bring an energising scent that also aids in relieving stress. Key ingredients: Grapefruit essential oil, Spruce essential oil.

Wild Rose - The rose essential oil is soothing and relaxing for both body and mind, and helps regenerate skin. 

Elder - The elderflower extract increases the regeneration of the skin whilst the ylang ylang essential oil can alleviate anxiety.

Grapefruit Leaf - The blend of grapefruit and lavender essential oils brings a perfectly balanced scent that is both energising and relaxing.

Sage, Rosemary & Lavender - The essential oils of lavender, rosemary and sage bring a relaxing aromatic scent, as well as antioxidant properties for the skin.

Bergamot Patchouli - The essential oils help alleviate feelings of stress all whilst bringing anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties for the skin, with a relaxing woody and citrusy scent.

Geranium - A naturally moisturising liquid soap that is gentle on the skin, with a relaxing, tangy and spicy fragrance. The essential oils of black pepper, geranium and lavender bring antioxidant properties to the skin and soothing properties for the mind helping to relieve feelings of anxiety.

Cucumber Mint - A fresh herbal scent. The peppermint and cucumber essential oils have refreshing as well as anti-ageing properties for the skin all whilst relaxing the mind and improving mental function.

Dark Vanilla - The mix of Vanilla and patchouli essential oils, brings both antioxidant properties for the skin with a boost of B6 vitamin found in vanilla, as well as soothing properties for the mind due to their anti-depressant properties.


Use as a shower or bath body wash, or hand soap at the basin or kitchen sink.
Work up a rich lather in wet hands and massage hands and/or body thoroughly before rinsing off with water.

Mild and very moisturising natural liquid soap that gently cleanses and softens body and hands.

Naturally hydrating whilst aiding skin to retain its natural moisture whilst cleansing, remaining gentle on the skin.

Contains essential oils that have cleansing properties and leave the skin soft and refreshed.  

Organic and/or natural ingredients.

450ml or 240ml plastic pump bottle.

Made in Sweden

Natural and organic skin care, body & spa products plus sustainable home fragrance collection, from Sweden's West Coast. L:A Bruket's products are formulated with the philosophy that there is no need for chemicals to deliver on effective and desirable items.

L:A Bruket will pledge 5% of net worldwide sales across the full Spruce product line to Naturarvet, a collection foundation with the objective of acquiring old-growth forest in order to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

L:A Bruket

L:A Bruket

In Sweden, nature isn’t something you visit. It comes to you whenever you step outside. Sun, wind, rock and ice; salt, sand, mud and water. Elements in a tangle of continuous change. The harsh coastal conditions can weather our skin and hair, but rather than hiding from nature, here we turn to it for inspiration and answers. 

L:A Bruket have developed natural and organic skincare made on the west coast of Sweden with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature.

Their coastal home is Varberg, which has over 200 years of spa culture. Backed by this well-established natural skincare knowledge, L:A Bruket have been developing organic formulas that protect and nurture the skin and hair since 2008, applying a modern mindset to age-old sea therapy practices, such as seaweed bathing, to create innovative contemporary treatments that use sustainably sourced ingredients.