Night Glove regenerating body cream

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Immerse your skin in a world of softness, saturation, and unparalleled smoothness. Experience the better-ageing prowess of hyaluronic acid, a well-documented and robust moisturiser, glycerin and shea butter unite to luxuriously soften and meticulously maintain the natural moisture balance and elasticity of your skin.

275ml pump bottle

Night Glove is suitable for use both day and night, but is especially suitable for use at night as Night Glove contains AHA and Vitamin A that in rare cases can sensitize the skin towards sun exposure. Skin optimizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane and antioxidants will work and nourish your skin all day.

Massage Night Glove on to the skin all over the body. Can be used alone but for optimised effect start by applying Instant Booster Body Serum.

If the skin is exposed to sun always wear sun screen.

Moisturises and softens the skin
Balances the skin barrier
Improves signs of aging
Evens out skin tone
Reduces redness
Promotes a healthy glow
Protects against free radicals and pollution

Vitamin A takes center stage, refining skin texture, stimulating collagen production, and effortlessly minimizing hyperpigmentation.

Squalane, sourced from European olives, imparts natural moisture and lipids, leaving your skin irresistibly silky.

Let the radiance of Night Glove shine through AHAs — polishing, refining and contributing to a luminous, even skin tone, and guard your skin against the forces of time with Vitamin E, a vigilant protector against free radicals.

100% vegan, with 97% of its ingredients sourced from nature.

Copenhagen-based female founders of Bodyologist come with more than 30 years of experience within the beauty industry. The pair have made it mandatory to prioritise the effect and quality throughout when selecting ingredients. They simply want their products to work. They also aim for a high share of natural ingredients – without compromising the efficacy of the product.
Another active choice is to not use outer packaging or enclose leaflets if it’s not absolutely necessary to minimise waste, whilst all gender-neutral containers are PET bottles and the pumps are PP which are all widely recyclable.


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