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OGO Living
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Give your tea the teapot it deserves! Good looking, totally clear for your brewing pleasure and mindful tea moments, and of highest quality materials.

Volume 550ml

11cm height x 16 diameter. In outer packaging.

For your brew to be perfect, the strainer must be large enough for the flavours to diffuse perfectly, which in this tea pot it is very well proportioned to brew a great cup of tea!

Easy to remove and clean the tea strainer, for fuss-free enjoyment of your healthy tea moments.

Dishwasher safe - except for the lid, which only needs to be wiped over with a soft, clean dishcloth. Easy to keep clean

When it comes to brewing temperature, don't stress, borosilicate glass can withstand high heat and temperature changes. This material is often used in the food industry and is healthy because it does not retain any odor and does not stain.

Elegant & stylish teapot made of borosilicate glass which allows you the pleasure of being the tea as it brews, whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature to hold even when freshly boiled water is used. It is also hygienic, doesn't scratch and easy to clean.

Total transparency, especially thanks to the glass walls in the filter - with tea strainer in the filter base of stainless steel, it allows you to observe the beauty of the infusion of tea leaves.

304 stainless steel is used for the filter, which is a long-term guarantee. In addition to being heat and corrosion resistant, stainless steel is full of qualities: it is hostile to the spread of bacteria, easy to maintain and durable over time.

Bringing together a selection of contemporary kitchen goods of the highest quality and with considered details OGO Living are one of our favourite and trusted suppliers. All products are well presented, are selected for their good looks and ease of use, cleaning and make great gifts.


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