Eau de parfum : Steel by Naim

Savour Sweden
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Unisex, with a distinctive scent that cannot be pinned down, like the scent of the cold Nordic sky that just cannot be captured.

50ml spray bottle, in a luxury box.

Vegan perfume.


Use on pulse points of wrist, neck or a light misting around the body.

Fashion designer Naim Josefi has an innovative mind where steel is one of his favorite materials to work with. The fragrance is inspired by the cold metal and the Nordic midnight sky.

Fragrance notes of : aldehyde, violet, metal, black currant, woody notes, patchouli, olibanum

SAVOUR means to enjoy, which is a big part of the lifestyle of the founder as well as the perfumer. To be attentive, curious and present in both the small and the big.

In addition, as a human being, you are gifted with being flexible, which means that you adapt your behaviour and highlight what is important at the given time - Savour wish to be part of your changes in life and want to give you the tools to lift and strengthen your unique qualities and define your personal brand with the fragrances.

Savour believe that no matter what we do - a footprint is left behind. Based on your choice of lifestyle, you will contribute a type of footprint you find reasonable.
The brand is based in Sweden and production is done with partners in Grasse, France, and bearing in mind that small things also make a difference, the company only sends packages 3 times/week from their warehouse.

Alcohol denat. ; Perfume (fragrance) ; Aqua (water) ; Linalool; Limonene; Geraniol; Citronellol; Citral; Eugenol


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