Fragrance free body oil

SEES Company
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Skin oil No. 3. Pure, fragrance free

Skin oil for the whole family - even the youngest!

Volume: 100ml, in a brown glass bottle

Made in Finland.



Apply to the warm skin after a bath, in the evening before bed, or whenever you feel the skin needs the softening, enriching effects especially where there is irritation. Safe for babies.

Also can be used as a base for aromatherapy by adding essential oils in your hand when you massage on the skin.

The high-quality and chemical-free skin oil for the whole family is suitable for body, face, dry skin, prevention of pregnancy scars, baby massage, baby skin, descaling of the baby's scalp and as a base oil for aromatherapy.

Very well absorbed and safe for all skin types. An excellent alternative for silky baby skin and for the treatment of impure skin, acne, psoriasis and atopic skin.

Contains flavonoids and vitamin E, which softens and revitalizes the skin effectively. Very well absorbed and safe for all skin types.

SEES Company has created a natural Finnish home care and beauty collection inspired by nature and the strengthening, positive effects of Finland's forests. The products promote increased well-being for body and soul through the connection to nature.


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