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The Meishai Shower Pack is a trio designed to elevate your shower routine with unparalleled indulgence and care. With a seamless flow from shampoo to conditioner, and a luxurious interlude with our new shower gel, each product is certified by Asthma Allergy Nordic, vegan, and perfume-free, ensuring a pure and nourishing experience for the hair and skin.

Size 0,5L bottles with a pump.

Meishai have chosen to make their Shower Pack products in a larger bottle than the industry standard. This is done to minimise plastic consumption. The pump has been chosen through experience - throughout founder Katja's hairdressing career she has used a lot of different products and found the pump insures right dosage and ease of use.


Begin your shower ritual with Meishai's rejuvenating Shampoo, delicately cleansing your hair and scalp to leave it feeling refreshed and revitalised. Follow this with their rich Conditioner, allowing it to work its magic as it sits in your hair, sealing in moisture and leaving your hair silky smooth. While the conditioner works its wonders, indulge in the luxurious feeling of the Shower Gel. Envelop yourself in its rich, creamy lather as it nourishes, cleanses and softens your skin, transforming your shower into a luxurious self-care ritual.

Beyond high-performance hair and skin care, "The Meishai Shower Pack" embodies a gentle reminder to embrace yourself. With each use, let Meishai be a reminder that you are enough. Allowing yourself to gracefully slow down and relish in the simplicity of being present - right here and right now.

Asthma Allergy Nordic certified.
Free of allergenic ingredients.
Free of hormone-disrupting ingredients.

Graded A by Kemiluppen, meaning that the product is a good choice if you want to avoid a number of problematic chemicals. We can therefore recommend this product if you want to avoid unwanted chemistry.

See individual products for details.

Where high-perfomance haircare meets the extreme high standards from the Asthma Allergy Nordic certification.

Meishai is created from more than 14 years of professional experience in the hair industry and lifelong battle with allergy - by Danish hairstylist Katja Rosasco.

Meishai are proud to offer consumers and professionals a high-performance product line of quality, without any concerns about perfumes and allergens.


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