Scented candle refill : Hygge

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A Swedish rapeseed wax blend candle refill with a pure cotton wick and the perfume Hygge

Hygge ['hygə] Danish for 'cozy '. A word without direct translation but with infinite meaning, and a reflection of the Scandinavian art of creating intimacy, community and coziness in the smallest everyday moments.

200g. 50 hours total burn time. 

Dimensions : Height: 6.8 cm Diameter: 7 cm 


Simply warm the remaining wax in your used Skandinavisk Skog candle (ideally using a hairdryer), remove the metal wick holder from the base of the jar, wipe clean with a paper towel and simply put the refill in the clean jar.

This scented candle refill is part of our sustainable collection and is designed for use in a Skandinavisk 200g painted glass candle jar.

Scent notes: Black tea and mint leaves, dried apples and a dust of baked cinnamon.

The local Swedish rapeseed wax is sustainably farmed, traceable and non-GMO for the lowest environmental impact.

FSC-certified packaging card from managed Swedish forests with natural colour dyes. Swedish rapeseed wax with a pure cotton wick.

Living Scandinavian is not just which part of the world you come from, it’s also how you think, how you treat others and the nature that surrounds you, and what you treasure. Skandinavisk believe a more Scandinavian approach to life offers a blueprint for a better future in a world that’s forgetting how to listen to quieter voices.



Imagine a great land at the end of a long rocky track. A land populated by silent forests, silvery lakes, secluded islands and mountains of snow. Where nature dominates and seasons dictate.

A land larger than Germany, France and Italy but one-tenth of the people. With more boats and bicycles than those owning them, and a border to continental Europe just sixty kilometres long.

This is a land that has plotted its own course, shaped a different way of living over centuries. Where community, consciousness and timeless values of trust, equality, respect thrive. Where its inhabitants place the greatest priority on life balance, on fellowship, family and friends, and on everyday moments of shared happiness.