Aromatherapy linen sleep mask

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This wonderful aromatherapy eye mask will be your faithful companion for those important moments of rest.


  • Eyes Mask in 100% natural linen with elastic headband.
  • 2 bags with organic flaxseed and organic chamomile (soothes tired and swollen eyes)
  • 2 bags of organic flaxseed and organic lavender (natural relaxant)
  • Storage and travel bag


Use cold (chamomile / flaxseed) or warm (lavender / flaxseed), or just as it is - you will experience the benefits in which way you choose to enjoy the mask. Perfect for relaxing at home, perfect for travel.

Everything is washable and you can re-charge the scent with essential oils.

The bags filled with linseeds and an option of both chamomile and lavender flowers means you can change the use according to your needs - just swap out the bags. Your moment of relaxation can begin.

They can also be used chilled or warmed - ideal for headaches, pollen allergy or simple moments of aromatherapy.

100% linen, with the yellow option being dyed with natural colour from turmeric, which will give a random unique shade to every individual mask. Sunny and environmentally friendly!

The mask contains two pockets for adding either of the filled bags it is delivered with: flaxseed and lavender flowers or flaxseed and chamomile flowers. Everything is washable and you can re-charge the scent with essential oils.
Delivered with a storage bag.

Soopz create the most thoughtful and beneficial products for you daily life, taking care with all the small details and ensuring their products are a delight to use.


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